Get what you want most
for yourself
your teen
and your relationship


You know what you want. You want to raise a smart, safe, and trustworthy child who is ready to thrive in the world. And you want to do it without going nuts with worry in the process.

You know what you want, but if you’re like most parents there are days (and especially nights) when you might settle for just surviving your child’s adolescence. I can empathize. I learned firsthand that the close connection we’ve established with our children is no guarantee that we’ll never have to deal with a teen who does worrisome things. Risky behavior, impulsive actions, and poor decision-making are part of the adolescent landscape.

Plainly speaking, teens are more difficult to deal with than younger children. And parenting a teen well doesn’t just come naturally to almost any of us. That is why I work exclusively with parents of teens, sharing with them the insights, skills, and strategies necessary to parent today’s teens. Through private, confidential consultation, I partner with parents, enabling them and their teens to tackle and learn from the everyday events, sporadic conflicts, troubling patterns, and unexpected crises that come their way.

If your teen is struggling – breaking rules, not reaching their potential in school, feeling miserable, or dabbling in risky behavior – or if you simply want to prepare to parent well during the precarious teen years, I invite you to contact me for a free phone consultation. I look forward to partnering with you.

Together we can dramatically increase your chances of getting what you want most – for yourself, your teen, and your relationship. You don’t have to settle for less.

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