About Dr. Lehmann


I’ve been involved in the field of adolescence for nearly thirty years, teaching teens and researching and teaching at the college level about teens. In 2007, I opened a private practice devoted exclusively to serving as consultant and coach for parents of teens. I undertook this because I saw so clearly how much parents of teens could benefit from guidance and how little there was available for them. My motivation and a good deal of my expertise for supporting parents of teens come from parenting my own teens – a son and a daughter.


I completed a doctorate in educational psychology at the University of Minnesota in 2001 and a master’s degree in gifted education at Wake Forest University in 1995. My bachelor’s degree is in education from Illinois State University.

Memberships and Community Activities

Member of American Psychological Association

Serve on Hopkins Community Coalition: One Voice

Serve on Minnetonka School and Community-based Coalition and Marijuana Prevention Workgroup: Tonka Cares

Serve on Edina Public Schools Chemical Health Advisory Committee

Serve on Positive Parenting for Adolescent Health Shoulder to Shoulder Advisory Group

Selected Papers and Presentations

When Teens Mess Up: Seven steps for successfully parenting today’s bolder and less obedient teen. Book submitted for publication.

What’s a Parent to Do? Presented at the Minnetonka Parent Fair Marijuana 2010 panel discussion. February 2010.

Marijuana: What We Do and Don’t Know About Initiation. Presented at the meeting of the Minnetonka Coalition Tonka Cares. December 2009.

Teens’ Tightrope Act and the Safety Net They Need: Implications for Psychologists. Co-Presented with Janet Schank, PhD, at the meeting of the Minnesota Psychological Association. April 2008.

Helping Kids Cope When They’re at the Edge. Presented at the meeting of the Minnetonka Middle School East PTA. March 2008.

When You Tell ‘em They’re Smart … You Gotta Tell ‘em This Too. Presented at the meeting of the Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented. October 2008.

Navigating the Turbulent Teen Years. Presented at the Edina PCN Speaker Forum. November 2007.
Teens’ Tightrope Act and the Safety Net They Need: Implications for Parenting Gifted Teens. Presented at the meeting of the National Association for Gifted Children. November 2007.

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