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Reframe: The Dunphy House Rules

Season 4, Episode 11 (Rebroadcast from 1/9/13)

The Framework

Jay takes all the adults – Gloria, Claire, Phil, Cam, and Mitchell – to a hotel in Palm Springs for New Year’s Eve. The kids are left at home with Haley in charge; Alex is her backup. And as fourteen-year-old Luke’s plans for the evening unfold, it quickly becomes clear that it’s he, and not the much younger Lily, who is going to give his babysitting sisters a run for their money… (To view “The Framework” in full, click here.)

My Notes

There are going to be some Modern Family rebroadcasts now and then. (Good things take time – think diamonds, pearls, and butterflies.) In the future we’ll use these weeks to do some reframing. Sometimes we’ll tap into a storyline that wasn’t fully explored in the original post. Sometimes we’ll tie up loose ends from the discussion threads. And at other times we’ll delve into some new questions.

This week, though, I hope you’ll help me get the ball rolling. Please click here to take a look at the original post if you’ve not already done so. And then please take a minute to comment on the questions below or share some related parenting experience from your life.

Flipping the Frame: Your Parenting Experiences

• Have you come up with any strategies that work particularly well for monitoring teen entertainment in your home?

• Do you thinking dating teens should be allowed to entertain in their bedrooms? Does age matter?

Flipping the Frame: What’s in the Picture for Next Week?

Next week I’ll post on Party Crasher. My DVR and I both missed the original airdate. So even though it’s a rebroadcast episode, there will be a brand new post.

See you next Monday!

You bring your love for your kids and your parenting experience. Modern Family will supply the laugher. And I’ll add some learning.

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