If you are parenting a teen (or a preteen), this blog is for you!

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When my firstborn became a teenager fifteen years ago, there was very little guidance available for parents of adolescents. My how things have changed. If you Google “parenting a teen” today, you’ll get over 33 million hits. We’ve gone from famine to feast. But which of these sources can you count on and trust?

This blog is aimed at helping you find the tried and true guidance you seek. I will use a researcher’s lens to examine the lay literature and a parent’s lens to look at the scholarly writing. I will then take this information and combine it with my own ideas, links I recommend, and reader comments to provide you with new insights, solid advice, and smart strategies that are grounded in the latest adolescent and parenting research.

If you’re parenting a teen or a preteen, this blog is for you! I hope you will make it yours by subscribing to it and responding to the polls. I welcome you to comment on the postings and invite you to share the link with others.

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