Modern Family Returns

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The season premiere of Modern Family airs this Wednesday!

The coming season promises to overflow with laughter and lessons for learning – what with Haley falling in love, Alex heading off to a school full of smarties, Luke and Manny entering high school’s most pivotal year, Mitch at home taking care of things – including Lily, and rough-and-tumble toddler Joe heading to preschool.

To keep up without missing the best that this season has to offer, I’ll be doing some streamlining. My aim is to pick and choose among the season’s 72 plotlines, posting only on those episodes that are most targeted to your needs – the things that you’re dealing with, care about, or are most curious about.

My #1 goal is to bring value to you. So I hope you’ll let me know what is useful by contributing comments and participating in an occasional poll.

For now, get set to sit back and enjoy the premiere of this very funny show!

Last season ended with a robo version of Phil trying in vain to tell Haley and Andy that they were more than just buddies – that they were in love with each other. The premiere picks-up right where the last show left us dangling. (Click here for a peek at Summer Lovin.)

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